•Selection Committee: Iva Gavrilović, Sara Grgurić & Vedran Šuvar

•Our dear Jury: Ana Đordić, Tomislav Šoban & Hrvoje Mršić


Friday, 3rd June at 11 am
FUSE x Fubar 2022 workshop: Datamosh 101

This glitch art workshop is a part of the “FUSE – Film Under Severe Experiment” Festival in 2022., patroned by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Karlovac Association of Technical Culture and the City of Karlovac, and tech supported by the KAoperativa Alliance.

The workshop is led by the Format C Artist Organization (Dina Karadžić & Vedran Gligo) as part of the /’fu:bar/ Glitch Art Festival project pre-programme in 2022.


Inquiry Inc.

FUSE x Fubar 2022 workshop: Datamosh

Author: Vedran Gligo


Friday, 3rd June at 8 pm
Director: Damir Radić

An observational film arranged as a series of accidentally caught street scenes shot through the window of an apartment. The author places the viewer in the position of an everyday voyeur, a position sometimes awkward but very attractive, a position in which it is difficult to refuse to participate.


Saturday, 4th June at 9 pm
Ivona Eterović (Tоnота)

tonota is a music producer and psychologist from Zagreb. Ivona’s artistic career has been marked by independent and collaborative work focused on creating a specific and fresh sound with an introspective sign and a multidimensional emotional charge.

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